Husky Central Vacuum Installation in New Construction

It’s easier than you think to add a Central Vacuum system to your new construction plans, and it’s a smart investment for your home and family. In fact, it will increase the value of your property while also providing a clean and healthy environment that cannot be matched.


The system consists of a power unit (usually installed unobtrusively in the garage, utility, loft, basement or cupboards) which is 5 times more powerful than a standard upright vacuum due to its specially designed motor which is housed inside a fixed unit thereby not restricting its size or weight, a network of 50 mm pipe & 2 core 12 V wire concealed within the stud work and a selection of inlets strategically placed to maximise range of use of system (usually at entry & egress points, top/bottom of stairs & hallways). Then all you have to do to make use of the system is transport the light weight manageable 35 mm remote controlled crush proof hose to their chosen location. Insert the hose into the face plates on the inlet and clean floors, stairs, in and around awkward corners, blinds, ceilings, even light fittings all with No Noise, No Smell, No Dust, More Powerful and No dirty upright to push around the house. Get to places an upright can't. With our unique attachments you can Vacuum under places (even a ball vacuum can't go). Should you decide to sell your home, your Central Vacuum System will be a desirable fixture seeing that it is a built-in product rather like a central heating system. It not only sells your home but adds value. However, you may even wish to take your Vacuum Power Unit and hose set to your new home all you need to do is run new ducting.


As you are no doubt aware the easiest installation for a Central Vacuum System takes place at first and second fix stages of construction. Whilst it is possible to fit this system in any home at any stage it is ideally installed during construction causing minimum disruption to the new owner, maximum ease of installation and of course providing the widest range of potential locations for the inlet points. When fitted professionally it will remain there for the life of that house.


When stud walls are in place and before plaster board goes on, if no stud walls are being constructed, before plastering and ceilings go up.

1st fix includes:

Running all pipe work and 2 core flex wire to inlet points. The plans may have information of location of the power unit, inlet points and how the pipe work would be run.


  1. Temporary face plates will be installed and pipe work connected to power unit.
  2. Run each inlet individually, and check the pressure with suction gauge.
  3. Check all wiring whilst the system is running for connectivity.
  4. Check all pipe work whilst system is running to assess any potential leaks.
  5. Demonstrate system and evidence all checks to site manager or client.
  6. Remove face plates and install plaster guards.

Murphy Enterprises require approximately 2 weeks’ notice of each time required onsite. Site visits will be carried out by Murphy Enterprises with regard to initiation of works and with each fix if required. There is normally no extra charge for this (within reason) Other site visits can be carried out however the charge levied for said visits will be at the discretion of Murphy Enterprises and any remuneration will be in accordance with the nature of the requirement to visit the site.

Installation of Vacpans will take place when kitchen units are fitted and plinth is installed on top of the finished floor surface e.g. linoleum or ceramic tiles.

If you are looking for central vacuum expert then please call 061 384465 / 087 2553591 or complete our online request form.

Alternatively a set of plans can be emailed directly to with requirements whether its supply only, supply and 1st fix or full bespoke installation. There is no charge for these services

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