Husky pro300, pro500 and pro600


Husky is proud to introduce a great new line-up of wet & dry models, all with automatic evacuation-to-drain. These new models are designed for residential, commercial and industrial use. Husky is now THE one-stop-shop for dry dust and wet & dry central cleaning.

All Husky PRO models may be used for a wide variety of tasks, such as cleaning floors, washing carpets and upholstered furniture, degreasing kitchen surfaces, unclogging drains and toilets, removing snow in driveways... Just think of the unlimited possibilities!

Particle porthole: A practical porthole gives an easy access inside the unit for cleaning and inspection. Water is injected directly at the air/dust intake on all models to liquefy any type of dust and deliver quick and easy drainage. See-through intakes let the user observe the cleaning power of the Husky PRO system!

The BOOSTER option: The flexible opening of the Easy-Reach container option gives fast access to accidentally vacuumed objects. The Easy-Reach feature is available on all Husky PRO models with automatic evacuation-to drain technology.

Easy-Reach feature: May be used with or without a filtration bag. The filtration cage has a machine-washable filter with Silpure* antibacterial coating for superior air quality. Stainless steel filtration cage for unparalleled durability.

Husky pro 300, pro 500 and pro 600

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Model Husky pro 100 Husky pro 200 Husky pro 300 Husky pro 500 Husky pro 600
Model number P10-280-XX-H P20-290-XX-H P300-EUH P500-EUH P600-EUH
Electrical requirements 220-240V /
220-240V /
/50Hz/8 A
/50Hz/10,8 A
/50Hz/10,8 A
Maximum Air Watts 683 1100 700 2 x 355 4 x 355
Maximum dep. (H2O)

3977 mm


5334 mm


3300 mm


4064 mm


4064 mm


Maximum air flow 59,1l
80.6 l/s/ 290 m3/h 54.16 l/s/ 195 m3/h 94.4l/s/ 340 m3/h
Height 760mm 880mm 760mm 880mm 880mm
Diameter 318mm 352mm 318mm 352mm 352mm
Canister capacity 36L
( 8.17 gal US dry)
( 9.85 gal US dry)
Drain Vac Drain Vac Drain Vac

Husky PRO models with automatic evacuation-to drain technology.

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