Maintenance & Cleaning Central Vacuum System


Just follow the simple and easy steps in the booklet supplied with the power unit.


Emptying: We encourage you to empty the dust container every three to six months.  This way the canister will never be too full and you will therefore get rid of possible odors which may form if food debris etc. were vacuumed up and caught in the canister.

Cleaning the filter: We recommend that the filter be thoroughly washed once a year; this will bring back all the cleaning power originally supplied by a clean new filter in your CVS, it will be powerful again, like the first day!

The filter maybe hand or machine washed, in lukewarm water.  You may let it air dry or machine dry, tumbling it at low heat.


To clean the remainder of the power unit, a simple damp cloth will be sufficient.


We recommend that your have the CVS power unit verified, by our specialist, every 500 hours of usage, or every 5 years, whichever comes first.



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