Instructions on Replacing Your Inlet Valves

Unplug the machine before servicing

  • If you have electric inlets turn off the electric house breaker for those areas.
  • Next, score any perimeter paint build-up with a razor blade.
  • Remove the two screws.
  • Pull and slightly twist the inlet faceplate off. Insert your fingers for a better grip.
  • Remove low voltage wires on the back side, mildly loosening the screws. On electric inlets, disconnect the voltage wires as well.
  • Re-connect wires to the new faceplate, being careful not to over tighten. Wires are not matched to certain screws. Also, on electric valves re-connect the voltage wires.
  • Apply a tiny bit of cooking oil around the new inlet’s neck.
  • Insert the inlet valve back into wall. Valves can open up or down. Push, tap, and slightly twist as needed.
  • Lightly tighten the screws to new valve, being careful not to bend the faceplate. Looking from the side, see that the inlet is flush with the wall and straight, not bent.
  • Plug-in the main unit, turn on the electricity and you are done!

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