How to Replace a Central Vacuum Motor

Step by Step Guide to Change-out a Central Vacuum Motor

In addition to the correct central vacuum motor, you will need a few tools for this job.  All of these tools can be round in most home tool boxes.  These things you will need.

Replacement motor - Phillips screwdriver - Socket set – Pliers - Wire nuts - Pair of wire strippers

Step 1 - to get the correct motor.

Step 2 - Disconnect the central vacuum power unit from electrical power.

Step 3 - Remove the cover from the motor compartment. (Note: It is a good idea, to take a picture of the motor wiring.  This picture will serve as a reference if you get confused installing the new motor.)


Step 4 - Remove fasteners from the motor. Many of them use hex style heads.

Vacuflo older models have large slot style heads. With these, you may need to apply a little WD-40 on the threads where they enter the motor mounting plate.

Beam units have three spring loaded clamps called motor hold-down springs. Push down on the spring above the motor mount holes. This clears the wire hook from the receiving bracket. You fasten the new replacement motor in the same way grabbing the receiver with that hook

Step 5 - 1/4 inch disconnect terminal Disconnect the motor from the relay-control module. If you choose to keep the motor wiring connected to the relay and use it to power the new motor, cut the existing motor wire 2 inches from the motor entry, strip the wire, connect the same color wire with wire nuts to the new motor wire. Proceed to step 8. If your new motor already has the 1/4 inch disconnect terminals proceed to step 7.

Step 6 - Reconnecting the 1/4 inch mini terminal If your new motor already has the 1/4 inch mini disconnect terminals attached to the wire you may connect them to the relay in the same way the old motor was connected to the relay 

 Step 7 - Reconnect the new motor using mounting hardware. The current Vacuflo and Beam units have no mounting hardware. The motor seats in its gasket with the discharge pointing in the direction of the exhaust opening. These motors are held in place by the canopy as it is attached to the canister body

Step 8 - During this process, check the motor gasket for pliability and condition. Motor gaskets in Beam units have a protective screen integrated into them to protect the motor fans. Check this screen for holes or tears and replace if necessary. When replacing the motors in single motor NuTone vacs, I recommend you replace the motor gasket no matter what your visual inspection yields. The gaskets in the older Nutone units are often not reusable.

Step 9 - Once you have your new motor installed, reconnect the power. With the system sealed, run the unit using the on/off switch. In units without this switch, short the two low volt terminals on the outside of the unit to turn it on. With the unit running, check the exhaust. No more than a slight amount of air should be flowing from the opening. If the exhaust air is excessive, you probably need to check the gasket and motor seal.


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