VacPan Installation

You will need 3 3/4" from the Cabinet Floor to the Sub Floor to fit the Tight 90 attached to the VacPan.


  • Plan the location of your ORIGINAL VACPAN to be conveniently located for sweeping clean-ups. Also consider ease of access of vacuum tube piping connections during installation.
  • The leading edge of the ORIGINAL VACPAN must sit flush with the finished floor.
  • For maximum clearance, use Plastiflex part #SV8052 Universal Short 9O degree Elbow for connection to VACPAN.
  • Do not glue the connection between ORIGINAL VACPAN and elbow, to allow for future removal.
  • Prior to final installation, check for an airtight seal between ORIGINAL VACPAN and elbow. Teflon tape may be used if required.
  • Allow for 1/2" vertical play in vacuum tube piping at ORIGINAL VACPAN location, so that final piping connections can be made.


  • ORIGINAL VACPAN requires a minimum 2-1/4" toe kick height.
  • Once the ORIGINAL VACPAN location is determined, cut a 6-3/4" long x 1-3/4" high slot in the cabinet toe kick to accept the ORIGINAL VACPAN.
  • Run vacuum tube piping and low voltage wire from the main piping line to the ORIGINAL VACPAN location.
  • Access for final piping connections must be made.

Access From Below

If access is available from below, cut an access hole through the subfloor underneath the cabinet, positioned so that final piping connections can be made by reaching through the access hole.

Access Through Cabinet Floor

Access can be made through the finished cabinet floor. Cut a 2-3/4" x 3-1/2" access hole, positioned so that final piping connections can be made by reaching through the access hole. Plastiflex part #SVSO12 Cover Plate can be used to cover the hole after installation. Access

Through Cabinet Toe Kick

  • Access can be made through the cabinet toe kick by cutting up to a 10-1/2" x 4" slot and using the ORIGINAL VACPAN Quick Trim Cover Plate (included or Plastiflex part #VCPx01 sold separately). If required, score back of Quick Trim Cover Plate with a knife and snap along grooves for height adjustment.
  • Attach low voltage wires to ORIGINAL VACPAN terminal connections marked "low voltage only".
  • Slide ORIGINAL VACPAN into mounting slot and secure to toe kick using two #6 screws provided.
  • Reach through access hole and make final piping connections.

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